about us

Ballabio Cucine has been thinking about the heart of your home for over 40 years.

Ballabio Cucine was founded in 1976 and, since then, has distinguished itself in the wood furniture sector for the ability to make high quality and great functionality kitchens and, for this reason,  it is also well placed on the international market.
Ballabio Cucine is located in the province of Como, right in the middle of the hardworking Brianza. 

Its  collections are open to the public in the  showroom situated  in Cantù, while the production is made in the production centre in Figino Serenza, which is exactly where  the kitchens are created.
The kitchens also come from the cooperation with architects and designers from all over the world. 
Today "Ballabio Cucine" is a leading, specialized and recognized brand.
The story of "Ballabio Cucine" is told by the numerous collections and models created over  these years. Starting from classic style kitchens and increasingly going distinguishing in manufacturing flagship  for innovation and design skills, that are peculiarities and values of the whole territory and, especially, of "Ballabio Cucine".

Values and strengths

In many years of work, Ballabio Cucine has designed new furniture, fully in line with the market trends and that have met the needs of all those families who have entrusted themselves to the company. 

This is also the result of constant search for innovative materials and technologies. But it is also the one of the great passion that Ballabio Cucine team has towards the work, made with huge love, for the Italian families. 
Each kitchen branded Ballabio Cucine holds all the studies and the designs which are also shown through the attention to colors and to the  use of new materials to be combined with the various wood species.
Ballabio Cucine’s  experimentation rhymes with tradition and attention.
Care and attention to details, which are fundamental in a kitchen.
For this reason "Ballabio Cucine" can follow the projects and customize them with unique expertise and flexibility, also providing a contract service.

 "Ballabio Cucine" offers  unique furniture, custom-made and cut-out for every home.
 "Ballabio Cucine" is able to give advice, get measurements, design, customize and finally mount the new kitchen, turning it into the heart of the House.

Why would you choose us?

Once you choose "Ballabio Cucine" you have access to a wide range of high quality kitchen models, all 100% made in Italy.
Some models have unique characteristics, such as Lilium which presents the aluminum doors: a real reference point in the kitchen and furnishing sector.
"Ballabio Cucine" welcomes customers by giving them attention, a great attention made of consultancy for the general project, but also of  details, materials, accessories and household appliances.
High standards reliefs and assemblages  help  to create your new kitchen made with best quality products and a highly specialized manpower.

The result can only turn into the heart of your home.